A Scientific Analysis of a Sensitive Subject: How Long should you Last in Bed

Sex among humans is an activity of great importance that remains unrivaled anywhere in the world. More specifically, it is the means of procreation, which is the basis of human survival from generation to generation. Sex is also a controversial subject because of moral, religious, and at times, legal restrictions placed on it. Because it is such a sensitive issue, many people shy away from discussing it especially when it comes to the pleasurable aspects of it.

For example, some men last for a longer period in bed than others do. This discrepancy creates feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing in those who last for a shorter time. Therefore, several studies have looked into this matter to determine the average time a man lasts in bed and the ways through which men can prolong their sexual performance.ejaculation hint

The 5-nation survey

In July 2009, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published an authoritative article on the average duration of sexual intercourse. This study involved 500 men chosen from Turkey, Spain, the UK, the US, and the Netherlands. All of them were heterosexual. The researchers tracked the sexual encounters of these men using a stopwatch to determine how long they lasted in bed. The research went on for about 4 weeks. As it turned out, the average time these 500 men lasted in bed was 6 minutes. In terms of distribution, most of them lasted between 4 and 11 minutes. Only a few of them lasted as long as up to 20 minutes. One man lasted for only 6 seconds which was qualified as a disorder called premature ejaculation.

How to last longer

A man can last longer in bed by using medication to control ejaculation or by controlling it physically using one’s hands. Drugs that can help prevent premature ejaculation include Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra among others. It is critical for you to consult a doctor before you use any of these drugs. Remember, these drugs are powerful and the side effects that may come with them can be quite nasty in some rare cases.

The squeeze technique is the physical way of controlling one’s ejaculation while having sex. In the squeeze technique, you actually squeeze the shaft of the penis with your thumb and forefinger. Doing so reduces the size of the erection preventing ejaculation for a time. You can only succeed in this technique if you apply the pressure correctly and at the right time.

However, it should be noted that sexologists and urologist don’t recommend this technique as it can lead to sexual disorders and complications in the long run. Instead, medical experts suggest you should try mental tricks to postpone ejaculation. For example, you may try to cool down your sexual ardor during intercourse by diverting your mind to some thoughts that distract you a bit from sex.