Medical Research

Theoretically the Brain Never Forgets Anything

While the human brain cannot be described as being half as quick and productive as that of a computer even in the vaguest terms, it nevertheless works in a way that is twice as fascinating.

It is often concluded that we are a sum of our memories. But do we make our memories or do they make…

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Rare Genetic Mutation Helps Fight Heart Disease

The advent of genetic research and medicine hastened the discovery of a secret arsenal hidden in our genetic code. Some rare genetic mutations have been found to improve human resistance to infections, diseases and even some extreme environments. And what science learns about these mutations contributes…

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Two Women, a Man and a Healthy Baby: Revolution in Genetic Health

With no effective treatment for many of the existing mitochondrial diseases, it is no wonder that scientists have always put a lot of effort into prevention of these diseases. And now, all efforts seem to have paid off with the successful creation of babies - now dubbed “three-parent babies” - through…

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The Elixir of Youth Could Be in Young Blood

Although negligible senescence in humans might be only a dream, the idea drives many efforts in anti-aging research. A multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry takes advantage of this field to quickly exploit any potential elixirs that have proven effective in laboratory conditions. Among the many…

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Revolutionary Ultrasonic Treatment Awakens Comatose Patients

It is generally understood that comatose patients cannot be aroused from their unconscious state. Doctors and family can only watch powerlessly until patients eventually wake up by themselves, become vegetative or die. This may take weeks, months or even years. But a new study published in the latest…

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