Medical Research

The Elixir of Youth Could Be in Young Blood

Although negligible senescence in humans might be only a dream, the idea drives many efforts in anti-aging research. A multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry takes advantage of this field to quickly exploit any potential elixirs that have proven effective in laboratory conditions. Among the many…

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Revolutionary Ultrasonic Treatment Awakens Comatose Patients

It is generally understood that comatose patients cannot be aroused from their unconscious state. Doctors and family can only watch powerlessly until patients eventually wake up by themselves, become vegetative or die. This may take weeks, months or even years. But a new study published in the latest…

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The Time of Surgery Relates to Patients Death Rate

Surgery is an important medical procedure that is critical to the health and well-being of many patients. Doctors perform millions of surgeries around the world each year. In 2009, medical practitioners in the US performed more than 48 million surgeries. Unfortunately, being a serious intrusive method,…

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A Common Painkiller Could Be a Solution for Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss occurs when a person loses their ability to recall events that they would normally remember. This loss often leads to devastating consequences. People suffering from memory loss may also lose their ability to learn new things. Unfortunately, this type of memory disorder is quite common…

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Advances in Extending the Human Lifespan

The quest for eternal youth has been one that mankind has been fascinated by since ancient times. Life is short, but thanks to recent advances in anti-aging technology it may soon no longer be as short.

In September 2015, Elizabeth Parrish, the CEO of Bioviva USA underwent what is believed…

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Failing Liver Regenerated in Lab Mice

According to many medical experts, the liver is the most fascinating organ of the human body for a reason most of us are aware of. It has the amazing capability to regenerate. Even if a large part of it is destroyed, it can…

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Morning vs Afternoon Vaccination against Flu

Despite what most people might presume, influenza is still a notable threat to public health. The majority of developed countries have massive seasonal vaccination programs that have contributed to a reduction in the scourge of the ailment.

None the less, an estimated five hundred thousand…

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The Leading Medical Breakthroughs of All Times

The field of medicine is perhaps the most important for the wellbeing mankind on earth. Indeed without quality healthcare, mortality rates would be at their peak while life expectancy would be very low. Over the years, the field of medicine has made several milestones which have consequently led to…

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Global News on Medical Research and Progress

Medical research scientists strive to devise and conduct experiments that help increase the body of scientific knowledge on various topics relating to medicine. Their research and scientific discoveries prove to be useful in developing new drugs, improving existing treatments and other products related…

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