Medical Research

Morning vs Afternoon Vaccination against Flu

Despite what most people might presume, influenza is still a notable threat to public health. The majority of developed countries have massive seasonal vaccination programs that have contributed to a reduction in the scourge of the ailment.

None the less, an estimated five hundred thousand…

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The Leading Medical Breakthroughs of All Times

The field of medicine is perhaps the most important for the wellbeing mankind on earth. Indeed without quality healthcare, mortality rates would be at their peak while life expectancy would be very low. Over the years, the field of medicine has made several milestones which have consequently led to…

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Global News on Medical Research and Progress

Medical research scientists strive to devise and conduct experiments that help increase the body of scientific knowledge on various topics relating to medicine. Their research and scientific discoveries prove to be useful in developing new drugs, improving existing treatments and other products related…

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