Men's Health

Closer to the Genetic Roots of Male-Pattern Hair Loss

Baldness is a common condition among men. It is typically regarded as something ‘normal’ and not indicative of a predisposition to diseases, although it may cause some psychological distress in the affected. However, scientists have discovered positive correlations between baldness and several diseases.…

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Male Menopause: A Natural Process Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

Male health issues have for decades been neglected, due to the societal perceptions of masculinity. Men's health problems are often constricted to erectile dysfunction, testicle cancer and prostate cancer. However, the fact is that men are at a higher risk of many health complications. This is credited…

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The Effect of Sexism in Men

In many countries, there has been a history of sexism since time immemorial. Despite the tremendous changes that have taken place over time in many aspects of life, sexism is still in existence in some societies.

Almost every man, woman or child has been brought up with gender-based views.…

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Measures to Help a Man Save His Sex Life after Prostatectomy

Prostate cancer is listed the second form of cancer to affect men. In the United States alone, this aggressive form of cancer kills about 45,000 men per year. However, if it is detected in the early stages, it is treatable through radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or perhaps the full removal of the…

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Top 4 Erectile Dysfunction Misconceptions

The inability to achieve and maintain an erection or what experts refer to as erectile dysfunction (ED) is most men's worst nightmare. ED is something that no man would ever wish to have, but the fact is that it is quite prevalent. In the USA alone it affects one in every 10 adult males on a long-term…

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Top 4 Health Issues That Affect Men

As men, we often think that we are invincible especially when we are still young. However, once we reach our late 30's, various health issues start to crop up. As we grow older, our health concerns begin to shift to a more serious state and require more care and attention. A research conducted by…

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Can Exercise Improve Sperm Quality?

Infertility is a far bigger problem than most people believe. In fact, one in three couples experience difficulty conceiving. That doesn't mean they are completely incapable of conceiving; rather, they must jump through a number of ‘hoops’ in order to achieve their dreams of finally having a child.


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