Sexual Health is an Essential Part of the Overall Health

It wouldn’t be accurate to suggest that people are ignorant about sexual health today. However, it is true that most people do not know as much about sexual health as they might presume.

The fact that so many people are uninterested in exploring sexual health as a whole explains why sexually transmitted infections (STls) are still such an issue today. These particular factors given below do not seem to resonate as loudly as they should in many circles of society:condoms

1). Despite common assumptions, STls do not really discriminate. The idea that only promiscuous individuals are at risk of contracting an STl is very false. Anyone that is sexually active runs a very notable risk of encountering an STl, even if they only have one partner.

Additionally, while condoms are a very effective barrier against STls, the use of a condom doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of STls. Oral sex also provides a gateway for STls like syphilis, herpes, and genital warts.

2). Many STls can run asymptomatic. A lot of people actually believe that they would feel it somehow if they had contracted an STl. However, many STls do not manifest symptoms. It isn’t until you get tested that you can determine whether or not you have an STl.

3). Despite the proliferation of information about sexual health, STls are actually on the rise. The internet made an acquaintance and communication so much easier, making casual sex more accessible, this along with the prevalence of alcoholism and drug use, that sexually transmitted infections have actually begun to rise.

4). Syphilis never left. There are people who actually think that syphilis is a disease of the past. This is a problem because not only syphilis can progress asymptomatic, but it can damage organs like the brain and the eyes if left untreated. Syphilis usually requires a blood test to diagnose.

Additionally, herpes is still quite common. A lot of those individuals with herpes tend to suffer in silence. In fact, it might surprise some people to learn that most people contract herpes at some point in their lives. Type 1 herpes is very common in particular.

As things stand, people should make more efforts to get screened. If you are sexually active, then you need to get tested at least once or twice every 12 months.